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Supportive Reasoning on Qualities Attributed to God


Following the answer to question 13, Kardec adds the following discussion, explaining the reasoning behind the qualities listed as part of that question.

        God is infinite and eternal.  If we assume a being to God’s existence, we must mean that God either sprang from nothing or was created by some other being.  Our realization that this is not true leads us to our ideas of Infinity and Eternity.
        God is unchangeable.  If this were otherwise, universal laws would have no stability.

        God is immaterial and by nature differs from everything we call matter. Without this quality, God would not be unchangeable and would be subject to the transformations of matter.
        God is unique.  If there were more than one God, there would be neither unity of plan nor unity of power in the ordering of the universe.
     God is all-powerful.  The possession of anything less than sovereign power would indicate the existence of something more powerful than or just as powerful as God.  Without sovereign power, God would not have created all things, and those things that have not been created by one God would be the work of another God.
God is sovereignly just and good. The wisdom of the divine laws is revealed as clearly in the smallest things as in the greatest.  This wisdom makes it impossible to doubt either God’s justice or goodness. 




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