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How Spiritism Supports a Rational Faith

You may be thinking by now that the above arguments made thus not really new, and thus wondering, what, if anything, Spiritism can add to all of this?  Well, very similar to the idea of an intelligent cause having an intelligent effect is the statement made by the philosopher, Descartes, when he said that “the more we conceive of perfection in something, the more we should believe that its cause is even more perfect.”  Spiritism gives us a better idea about the perfection in the cause of all things by helping us to understand what we don’t immediately conceive of, or perceive with our five material senses.  Spiritism does not offer merely a sound, theoretical argument as to the existence of spirits.  Through physical demonstration and in the results of the direct observation of spiritual phenomena (all carefully studied, analyzed and cross-examined), we are given undeniable proof as to the existence and survival of the soul beyond the death of the physical body.  Proof of the soul’s existence and survival is further evidence of an intelligent cause or creator.  Not only that, but through the revelations or explanations of  superior spirits regarding the existence of reincarnation, and through the experiences shared by spirits of varying degrees who come to tell us about life in the spiritual realms and the conditions (positive and negative) they find themselves in as a result of their actions on Earth,  we are better able to understand God’s perfection, as well as his justice and love for all of his children.

In the end, the qualities that help lead us to a belief in the existence of God are humility, reasoning, and a clean heart.  Humility opens our eyes to the perfection and beauty of nature, as well as the recognition of an intelligent cause outside of matter and above all that exists.  The teachings of Spiritism aid in the exercise of reasoning that helps us to understand God, not as a ruler inspired by passions typical of our inferior humanity (such as vengeance or selfishness), but as a God who is all-powerful, just, and good.  Spiritist reasoning also teaches us that we can have an intimate relationship with God, without the intervention of other so-called “appointed” persons.  Lastly, Jesus said, “Blessed are those with clean hearts, for they will see God.” In other words, we can rationalize or deduce by intuition the existence of God, but we will never truly know him until we free ourselves from our ties to material things, from our vices and negative passions, thereby not only cleaning, but opening our hearts to God and his truths.

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