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Coming Soon!  The movie:

 And Life Goes On

This movie was already released in Brazil. Soon we will have it on DVD!

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Translation of description found on the film's Official Website
(Movie DVD will come with English subtitles)

When beautiful young Evelina (Amanda Costa) is out on the road and her car breaks down, she has no idea how her path will be changed in a profound and permanent way. Rescued by the gentle Ernesto (Luiz Baccelli), Evelina soon learns that they are both going to the same hotel. Coincidence? Maybe, but Ernesto does not believe in coincidences.

Immediately, they develop a friendship so strong that it lasts even when they both pass on to another realm. Could it be there, on the other side of life, where Evelina and Ernesto will face enormous difficulties and challenges, with plenty of surprises and surprising revelations?

The film is based on the Spiritist best-seller, "And Life Goes On", written in 1968 by the spirit André Luiz, psychographed by Chico Xavier. This is the 13th and final book in the series "Life in the Spirit World."

Watch the "And Life Goes On" Movie Trailer


About The Book
Read about the book, "And Life Goes On"
by spirit author, And
ré Luiz, through the medium, Francisco Cândido ("Chico") Xavier 


Chico Xavier is the much-loved medium, through whom Andre Luiz was able to share his story with us.

Watch this short video about Chico and his life of service, faith, and love.


Andre Luiz is considered, among Spiritists, as a beloved reporter of the spirit realm, who has shared, through this novel and others, an amazing collection of details about life in the spiritual dimension and the ongoing interactions between the spiritual and material worlds. His accounts bring to life and help us to really understand, with meaningful examples and explanations, the fundamental principles of the science and philosophy of Spiritism.

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