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Welcome to the Explore Spiritism website! The objective of this site is to provide a comprehensive overview of Spiritism, including where it came from, what it teaches, and how it is practiced.  Whether you are new to Spiritism and merely browsing to get an idea of what Spiritism is about, or looking for details on a specific topic, you will find this site to be a valuable resource.  

Due to its moral, philosophical, and scientific nature, Spiritism’s teachings touch on all aspects of life, from the bigger philosophical picture, to the day-to-day events and emotions that we all experience.  In reality, the information presented on this site touches only the “tip of the iceberg”, so to speak, in terms of what the entire collection of Spiritist teachings and resources has to offer. The intention, however, is to convey the fundamental principles of Spiritism, especially those from the teachings of its codification. 

The five (5) books that make up the codification represent the indispensable keystone of Spiritism and are a necessary reading for any serious student. Since those books were written, in the late 19th century, numerous supplemental works have been published. The latter, written by both people and by spirits who communicate to us through mediums, complement the teachings of the codification, with explanations and encouraging reminders, applications of the teachings to interpret various aspects of life or of Spiritist practices, and more.  In some cases, they build on the foundation contained in Spiritism's codification, by revealing additional details about spirit life and the interactions between the material and the spiritual worlds.

At this point in time, the vast majority of Spiritist works have been published in Portuguese and Spanish.  In spite of the original codification coming from the Frenchman, Allan Kardec, the more recent dissemination, study, and practice of Spiritism has taken place, predominantly, in Brazil, followed by Latin America.  Even so, today you will find Spiritists and Spiritist organizations around the globe, as a growing number of followers are attracted by Spiritism's rational philosophy, its scientific study, and its moral guidance. 

All books from the codification are now available in English, as are a number of other important translations, and we will continue to have more translations made available, thanks to the dedicated work of those who are making the blessings of Spiritist resources available to English speakers. You can check our Spiritist Books page to  browse through images and descriptions of many books that have already been published in English.

Here are some examples of what you can find in the Explore Spiritism website:

In reference to what Spiritism offers, in terms of knowledge and inspiration:

- the scientific, philosophic, and religious make-up and teachings of Spiritism.
- an explanation of what Spiritism teaches about spirits, life after death, spirit guides and mentors, reincarnation, and mediumship.
- sources of additional information, such as books, websites, etc. .

In reference to the history and practice of Spiritism:

- an overview of the events that lead to the codification of Spiritism.
- details on the books that make up the codification and others that have followed.
- a description of the Spiritist center, where Spiritists go to study and work.
- explanations regarding the practice of mediumship in a Spiritist Center.



We hope you find the information presented in this website both interesting and inspiring, and that you are encouraged to learn more about Spiritism.

If you have any questions or comments, please write to us at editor@explorespiritism.com.

Thank you for visiting the EXPLORE SPIRITISM website!

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