Book Title:  Understanding Spiritual and Mental Health¹
Author: Divaldo P. Franco

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Description from the back cover of the book²: 

* This work is a book based on a seminar given by Divaldo Franco

Description from the introduction to the book (as written by Vanessa Anseloni)²:

The seminar covered a psychiatric analysis on the endogenous and exogenous causes of mental and spiritual disturbances (depression, anxiety, phobias, schizophrenia); a review on its pharmacological therapeutics, and an analysis of spiritual intervention and other effective psychotherapies.  It beautifully describes the Spiritist view of psychological and spiritual disturbances, as much as it gives us a clear idea of its approach to eradicate its causes and effects.

Translation of original in Portuguese, titled, “Compreendendo a Saúde Espiritual e Mental”
² as published in 2005 by Livraría Espirita Alvorada Editora