Book Title:  Those Left Behind - Understanding Suicide from a Spiritist View
Author: Jussara Korngold  

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Description from the back cover of the book¹:

When we hear that someone has committed suicide, we often struggle to understand what leads someone to end their own life and leave loved ones behind.  The first question that comes to mind is the inexplicable “why?”  What incredible force overcomes the will to live?  But perhaps the more important question is, "Why is our response to death by suicide so much more intense than to any other form of death?"

Unfortunately, recent years have shown a vast surge in the number of suicides.  Countless theories, religious doctrines, superstitions, mystical teachings, and foklore surround suicide.  Those Left Behind: Understanding Suicide from a Spiritist View is the first book in English to examine suicide from a Spiritist viewpoint.

With extensive research, author Jussara Korngold follows the steps of noted Spiritist, Allan Kardec to illuminate classic Spiritist attitudes toward suicide.  If you have endured the trauma of a loved one taking his or her own life, Those Left Behind will console and comfort, helping you find the answers you need to some of your most difficult questions.

¹ as published in 2006 by iUniverse