Book Title:  The Wicked Queen¹
Author: Roque Jacintho  


Description (story summary):

In a twist on the Snow White story, when Snow White awakens from her seven year sleep, she and the prince plan to marry.  The Queen is angered by the thought of such a marriage and acts out, smashing her mirror in rage. The cuts from the broken glass leave the Queen lifeless.  Upon awakening in the spirit world, the Queen is tormented by the mistakes she had made and the realization that others had seen only her external beauty.  She suffers greatly until a familiar benefactor shows her the way to to redeem her inner beauty, in a new life where she's told she'll learn "that kindness  is the only beauty that never fades away".  In an ending that teaches about the blessing of reincarnation, the Queen is re-born as the daughter of Snow White.         

¹ Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “A Rainha Cruel”