Book Title:  The Soul of Matter¹   
Author: Marlene Nobre, MD     

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Description from the back cover of the book²:

What is the contribution of Spiritism to Medicine ?
Should people be cloned ?
Should human embryos be produced ?
This book answers these questions and many others, presenting topics such as:
·       Principles of Spiritist Medicine and Bioethics
·       Human Cloning
·       Constitution of the Perispirit 

With them emerges an integral view of the Human Being: Spirit-matter.  In pathological cases, it relates biological, social, and psychological factors, but above all, the spiritual ones; in processes of cure, it mobilizes all available resources as well as those which are linked to the soul and its essence: faith, prayer, and love.

¹ Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “A Alma da Matéria
²  as published in 2006 by FE Editora Jornalística Ltda.