Book Title: Open Your Heart & Find Happiness¹
Spirit Author: Joanna de Ângelis
Medium: Divaldo Franco

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Excerpts from the introduction to the book (written by the author)²:

Contemporary men and women, seduced by immeasurable ambition for power which grants them luxury, leisure, and pleasure, remain dormant to their serious spiritual responsibilities

Considering such responsibilities to be of secondary importance, and in the vain supposition that they can resolve their inner problems at any time, they transfer their attention and emotions to the outside world, causing great damage to their inner harmony… 

The unforgettable love lesson, widely repeated but rarely experienced, would be enough to alter the moral values of human beings, providing them with happiness… 

We have gathered in this small publication 30 challenging questions that arise frequently to trouble the human being.

Without any pretense of answering these questions, we introduce uplifting readings and create space for a positive spiritual vision of behavior….

¹ Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Desperte e Seja Feliz”
² as published in 2006 by Livraría Espírita Alvorada Editora