(Different covers from different publishings)

Book Title:  Obsession¹    
Spirit Author: Manoel Philomeno de Miranda
Medium: Divaldo Franco      

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 Description from the back cover of the book²:

 “I approached her and noticed she felt my presence… I touched her and she shivered… I grabbed her arms and they became my arms.  I got a little dizzy and she swayed.  I thought and she responded.  I lifted her and we walked together… Then, through her I slapped his face, crazy with hatred, overjoyed to find her insane with me, the two of us acting as one.  And we are still one, and we’re going to remain so.”

 This, in his own words, is how a discarnate spirit took possession of a high society girl exactly on her fifteenth birthday party.  The party broke up, naturally, and the girl was committed to a mental hospital.  Had she become insane or mad, according to the usual standards of behavior? Or was she possessed by an evil spirit?  Should she be submitted to the orthodox medical routine for such cases, or else should she be exorcised?

 This book tells her story - why she had become involved in the process, exposing herself to her plight and what a dedicated group of both incarnate and discarnate people did to release not only her, but also those who became entangled with her in an ugly episode from a previous incarnation.

¹ Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Obsessão”  
² as published in 2004 by the Livraria Espírita Alvorada Editora