Book Title: Life's Triumph¹ 
Author: Paulo Rossi Severino Nobre 

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A research study on the authenticity of Spirit messages received by the medium, Francisco "Chico" Cândido Xavier.

From the Introduction to the book

"The truth is not a property or a privilege of religions or systems. The conviction grows inside of every human being when the facts that are revealed impose themselves upon reasoning through their authenticity. This is why all conscientious research is done with patience and perseverance to determine the truth revealed by the facts.

The belief in the immortality of the soul and the possibility of transcommunication between two realities of existence constitutes an old and often debated question, because it involves aspects of a complex nature linked to millenary experiences of human beings.  All research in this area must be free of religious fanaticism and prior judgment in order to make possible an impartial analysis of the facts.

In 1974 we started interviews and researches in the city of Uberaba, State of Minas Gerais, where the medium Francisco "Chico" Cândido Xavier lives, in order to collaborate with those who study and carry out research into the existence of the spiritual world and the possibility of communication between the two planes.

We were there on Fridays and Saturdays when the Spiritist Group for Prayer met for the intense activities of the courteous, and always kind, medium Chico Xavier.

I confess that in the beginning, I could only see the letters as a means to relieve the pain of individuals that are physically separated from their loved ones. However, with a more detailed observation of the facts, and as we got more acquainted with the intimate life of each family, we did see factual evidence that proves the survival of the spirit. This evidence was supported by verifiable information when the messages, read by the medium, were accompanied by the intense emotions of the families of the departed ones. It was for this reason that we joined the project of the Medical Spiritist Association of São Paulo (AME-SP), with the objective of analyzing some of such precious material. I performed hands-on work, not merely as a reporter for the "Folha Espirita" newspaper, but now as a field researcher to help AME-SP to form its research data base.

From this collection of material, we selected forty-five out of the thousands of messages received in the last six decades by Chico Xavier. Although AME-SP has finished its part of the project, the research work is still going on.  During the fifteen years that "Folha Espirita" has been in existence, we have registered over one hundred cases scattered in the most remote areas of Brazil.

This book is the result of the joint efforts of the "Folha Espirita" newspaper and of the Medical Spiritist Association of São Paulo and for this reason, it is divided into two parts. The first part is a written report of the 45 cases researched and published in the newspaper, while the second part describes the research itself.

The evidence of the facts revealed by the messages, many times unknown even to the communicants' families, reinforces the hypothesis of survival and the authenticity of the communication with the spirits.

Our love for the truth made us go out in the field and work hard to deliver to you, dear reader, the fruits of our labor. May this work in some way enrich your mind, comfort your heart, and sustain your faith during the hard times of life."

Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “A Vida Triunfa”
written by Paulo Rossi Severino Nobre, as published in 1994 by FE Publishing Company Ltd