Book Title:   Joseph Turner With Me¹
Author: Maria Gertrudes

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Description from the back cover of the book²

This book tells about the approachi of Maria Gertrudes, with her master of painting, the Englishman, Joseph Turner and the difficulties they experience in collaborating between medium and spirit, in order to be able to tune in to a new and ideal way of working together. 

Once Harmonized, they worked together to create an art school that would be able to give both children and adolescents an artistic culture through the teachings of the Spiritist Doctrine.

 In this sublime movement of education, as expressed by Joseph Turner's friend, Dr. Jorge Bichuetti: “There will be children far from the streets, near the rainbows, young kinds overwhelmed by drugs will be resuscitated by the fine arts, through the music of the alto violins… in the poems of space and love…”

¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Joseph Turner Comigo”
²as published in  2005, with © by Maria Gertrudes Coelho