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Here and Hereafter¹
  Léon Denis (1846-1927)

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From the back cover of the book²:

Among the great apostles of Spiritism, the extraordinarily powerful presence of Léon Denis deserves a very distinctive place, particularly, in view of having been the logical follower of Allan Kardec's work.  Being devoted to the profound study of Spiritism, in its triple aspect, incorporating science, philosophy, and religion, he expended a great deal of effort particular emphasis on its philosophical aspects.

Here and Hereafter presents a scientific and rational solution for the problems of life and death, and for the nature and destiny of the human ego in its successive lives.

This book is an accurate and luminous account of the phenomena and doctrines included under the term "Spiritualism," their relation to modern science and their influence on conduct.  The present volume is a new, revised and enlarged edition that remains faithful to the original work.

Translation of original in French, titled “Aprés La Mort”
² as published in 2005, by the Spiritist Alliance for Books