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Book Title: Guidelines for Safety, a dialogue regarding the multiple aspects of mediumship ¹
Author: Divaldo Franco and Raul Teixeira


Excerpt from the intro to the book²:

"... we would like to welcome the joint efforts of two of Christ's workers in this small book.  This is the result of their attempt to try and illuminate some of their fellow companions in the evolutionary march, who tested them during fraternal meetings for Spiritist studies.  The honest and healthy aspirations of those questioning them demonstrated their eagerness to learn more about life and its purpose, existential phenomena and physical death, paranormality and the survival of the spirit, obsession and how to be of service of goodness.

These concepts are neither new nor do they offer anything original because the Spiritist Doctrine already explains them with admirable clarity.  However, they are a laudable and practical contribution for those who wish to lead a life regulated by the guidelines of healthy morals and good manners."

 ¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Diretrizes de Segurança”
² written by the spirit, Joanna de Ângelis