Book Title:  Getting to the Light: Spiritist Therapy for Discarnate Spirits¹
Author: Nilson de Souza Pereira 


Excerpt from the preface to the book² :

This book offers objective guidelines about the therapeutic approach to troubled discarnate spirits according to Spiritism.  I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in (1) understanding the dynamics of spirit-intervention; (2) using Spiritist therapy for the good of humankind; or (3) serving as a Spirit counselor or psychotherapist.

Nelson Pereira’s expertise on the topic comes from several decades of studying Spiritism, coupled with vast experience in spirit counseling.  Mr. Pereira has counseled countless suffering spirits who communicated with incarnates through the extraordinary mediumship of Divaldo Franco… 

… [This] book faithfully presents the Spiritist Therapy, a way to alleviate human suffering, both for discarnate and incarnate spirits…

¹ Based on lecture given (in Portuguese) at the 2nd World Spiritist Meeting in Lisboa, Portugal 
² written by Vanessa Anseloni, as published in 2005 by Livraria Espírita Alvorada Editora