Book Title: And For the Rest of Our Lives¹ 
Author: Wallace Leal V. Rodrigues


Description from the back cover of the book²:

No one appreciates our undue interventions. However, one of the objectives of this book is of expressing a cry of alert, a call for a conscious analysis regarding our imperfections and our lack of understanding in the face of the moral and educational crisis that prevails in the present day.  We can all benefit from this book, regardless of our age, profession, sex, or religion.  The simplicity and smoothness of its stories pave the way for a life of harmony and happiness.

Excerpt /details from the inside cover of the book²:

Published in 1979, this book was widely acclaimed in Brazil. A book dedicated to all ages, it reminds us all of our sweet childhood memories, helping us in acquiring virtues and accomplishing our goal of a life of harmony and happiness.  Through these simple lessons of life, the author was able to bring joy, hope, and the desire to love and live fully, despite the difficult moments of life.  Whether this book is used for self-reflection, kept as a personal memento, or shared with others as a precious gift for loved ones - this book is for the rest of your life…

¹ Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Obsessão”
² as published in 2004, by Casa Editora O Clarim.