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Spiritist Center - Typical Activities


You may wonder where those who follow Spiritism go to meet, study, work, and pray together.

Spiritists do not have what is commonly referred to as a church, temple, shrine, etc.  In fact, Spiritism is not actually a religion per se, i.e. in the traditional sense, since there exists no hierarchical structure of authority or dogmatic practices. The place where Spiritists gather is referred to as a Spiritist Center. There, they collaborate, with one another and with spiritual benefactors, in the study, practice, and dissemination of Spiritism. 

Spiritist Centers operate independently, though some are affiliated with larger associations or federations that bring various Centers together for events and special initiatives related to the dissemination of Spiritism.  The Centers are often (though not always) named after a historical pioneer of Spiritism, a mentoring Spirit, or sometimes a charitable quality, etc. ̶  for example, Allan Kardec Spiritist Center, Andre Luiz Spiritist Center, Love and Fraternity Spiritist Center, etc.

Centers are often run by a board of directors, but these are elected positions. Such positions, as well as those involving the other work that goes on in managing the Center and organizing and running its activities are non-paid positions. The people who work in a Spiritist center and fulfill those roles do so as volunteers.

So what goes on at the Spiritist Center?  Click on the button at left to read about the typical activities you will find at a Spiritist Center.